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To support our advocacies and mission at UMCOBA-USA, we encourage you to take action and participate in our projects. Please see below for our ongoing and completed projects:

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UMCOBA-USA is a committed charity organization supporting the Methodist College Uzuakoli. We endeavor to support the institution, its current students, and to promote strong connections with the alumni from this institution.

Currently, we have ongoing projects in order to further support and improve the Methodist College Uzuakoli. We encourage our members and community to take part in these projects – either by volunteering or donating. If you would like to know more about UMCOBA-USA, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Please contact us.

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UMCOBA-USA is dedicated to restoring the pride and dignity of Methodist College Uzuakoli beyond the 21st century. We also endeavor to form and promote alumni worldwide with the original vision in mind; You first, and I second.

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Reach us today. Visit our Contact Us page.


Please visit our Contact Us page for complete information on how you can reach us.

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